Holy wow! It's been a while...

I can't believe how long it's been since I last did a "real" post! That's lame! So here I am playing catch-up (part 1)

Back in May I was able to attend my friend Tiffany's wedding. She was getting married in Manti on a Thursday morning, so I decided to head to Mapleton on Wednesday after work so I could stay with my cousins Cami and Haley (who are currently living in my Grandpa's old house. CREEPY!!! lol) We had loads of fun, talking and laughing all night long...literally...I wanted Cami to do my hair (and she is FAB btw) and we didn't even get done until way late. Not the greatest idea when you have to get up super early to make the rest of the trip, but it was worth it.

Now, to back track just a little...I have THE WORST luck when it comes to cars. I don't know why, they just never seem to want to work for me...or something goes horribly wrong. Before I took the trip I was really concerned about the tires. I don't know why, I just felt like something was going to go wrong on this trip. I checked the tires before I left, put a little air in them and headed out. I did pretty good until I got right past Pleasant Grove area where they were doing construction. Let me tell you....Utah Drivers + Construction + Night time is NOT a good combination...Well, I was following this car and I noticed it kind of swerve in front of me, by the time I saw what they swerved for, it was too late. There was this big huge rock/dirt clod in the middle of the road, and I totally took it out. It scared the crap out me. The car may have gotten air, I don't really know, but it scared me. So then I was worried the rest of the way to Mapleton that something was going to be wrong...Greg had me check the oil in the morning, and getting the hood open is a trial in and of itself...It takes a lot of skill, pulling on the lever while smacking the hood, to get it open. Once I FINALLY got it open to check the oil...the oil was really low, so Greg was afraid that me hitting the rock caused the oil to leak. I started freaking out wondering how I was going to get to Manti. Aubrey and I were planning on going together, but I was going to drive because Buck needed their car, so I called her kinda freaking out, and she ended up getting the car from Buck and driving us. Ugh! So frustrating. We parked my car in the parking lot next to Grandpa's house to see if any oil would leak.

In the meantime Aubs and I headed out to Manti. It's been AGES since I've been there, but it was actually a pretty nice drive. It was also fun to catch up with Aubs, since it too, has been ages. We actually made really good time, despite leaving almost an hour late, and were there in plenty of time for the ceremony. It was a beautiful ceremony, and it was so fun to see Tiff and Dev sealed. I'm so happy for those two. It was also a rather warm, but beautiful day for pics (despite the high noon sun and NO CLOUDS!) But they looked happy, and are a cute couple, so of course the pics turned out great!

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Gorgeous, right?

Anyway, the ride home was somewhat of an adventure as well. Lol, the car wasn't leaking oil, so we figured it was fine for me to drive home. As I was driving through Springville, I kept hearing this squeaking noise. Kinda freaked out thinking something was horribly wrong, and realized (once I got on the freeway) that my hood wasn't shut completely! lol...DUH! I had to pull over and shut it. Great fun....great fun...So yeah, that was my adventure, but I was glad that I was able to make it to Tiff's wedding!

The next week, Greg and I celebrated big #5. I already blogged about this (kinda) but it was a great day. It's crazy to think that it's been 5 years already. Where has the time gone?!?!?

June was a pretty boring month. Just worked a lot of hours, and tried to play and relax in the hours that I didn't work. I wasn't able to go to Girl's Camp this year because of work, and then our presidency got released the last week of June. It was sad, because I really liked the ladies I served with...but it's okay, because I got put right back in as the Secretary along with two of the three other ladies. Our president Melanie was released as she is prego with her second child (who is coming next month! less than 30 days Mel!!) I'm sad she's gone...because she was a wonderful president. The girls loved her, and it was great getting to know her. So really Melanie, we miss you! But yeah....so that happened...

Greg also got released as the ward clerk and in as the Elder's Quorum President. El Presidente is at meetings all the time now, but he's doing a fabulous job. (he's at meetings as I type...his "hour or so" meetings usually turn into 2+ hour meetings...he left @ 7:30) Anywho...so that was exciting.

July 2-4 will be blogged about at a later date and time....

July 5 my mom and sisters came down and we had a girls day. We went to Eclipse in the morning (which...btw...I surprisingly LIKED!! lol...) It was fun to make fun of the dumb things that were said and done. My most favorite part of the entire movie (lasted about 3 minutes) was when they were first chasing Victoria...and it was all dark....mmmm...intense! The acting was horrible still, and I also thought all the lovey dovey CRAP was really over-done. Could have done without it ENTIRELY and the movie would have A-been about an hour shorter, and B-ROCKED!!! But what can I do. I just get to watch and enjoy Taylor Lautner aka Jacob's hottness! Let's face it he is "hotter" than Edward! (hehe..totally cheesy line, but I enjoyed it). hmmm...so yeah...not too bad. Definitely better than the first two! Oh, and claim to fame (not mine...greg's) the girl that plays Bree....Greg met her on his mission in canada. Kinda random, right? So yeah, after the movie we went and ate dinner at Cafe Rio. We were going to get manicures and pedicures after, but it was SUPER expensive, so mom gave us all $25 dollars to do a gift exchange. I had Kandyce and she had me, and Kenz had Shari and Shari had Kenz. It was pretty fun...except I HATE shopping! When I did find a cute outfit for Kandyce, the store's computer wasn't working so I couldn't buy it! LAME!!! I was NOT HAPPY! But whatever...But it was still fun. Here are some pics from the day...

Kandyce, Shari and I waiting to eat at Cafe Rio.
Mom, Kandyce, me, Kenz and Shari

That's all for now!


On my birthday....

....I got a huge fireworks show....

bet you never got anything cool like that!

Happy July 2 everyone!


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