Trev & Ceara's Wedding

I was looking back over my blog posts from 2011, and there are, like NONE! I failed MISERABLY, and so I don't get too far behind, I'm going to start going through pictures from last year, and try to get caught up. More for my sake than yours, I'm sure, plus I have some super cute pictures to share, so it's a win-win!

First on the list: My cousin Trevor's wedding
Date: June 10, 2011 (See, I told you I was BEHIND!)

Trev & Ceara got married in Provo, so I made the drive down there alone. (I actually LOVE driving, so I didn't mind!) It was a small wedding, but very nice. It was a sunny (and hot) day, but it was beautiful outside. We love Ceara, and think that Trev definitely got a keeper!

We all showed up early, and Shari and the kids were there, so I spent lots of time snapping pictures of them and enjoying their cuteness.

The ceremony itself was short and sweet. They asked Dad to officiate, and I gotta say, even though it was a little strange to see my Dad performing a marriage ceremony, it was pretty neat. He did a great job...keeping it short and simple, giving great words of advice. After the ceremony, we did some family pics and then took pics of the bride and groom.

After all the picture taking, we headed over to Tucanos to eat. Super delicious, and lots of fun keeping the boys from throwing food all over. Eventually they got tired so we took them outside. There was a little pavillion thingy that they had fun running around in circles. There was also a cute little playhouse they enjoyed playing in...Basically they just liked being able to run free.

Besides getting fried, it was a wonderful day. I'm so happy for Trev & Ceara, and wish them the best!
Maira Gall