UGH!!! or not?

So, after reading Ashlie's blog about the CT (Creative Team) member search...I decided, hmm...maybe I'll give it a try...lol, now I'm thinking otherwise! lol..This is my first REAL attempt at digital scrapbooking! haha...I just don't even know what to think. I think I try too hard, and it doesn't ever come out looking the way I want it too! I also look at other peoples' work and think, I can do that, but it never turns out that way. Maybe I should just calm down...use my OWN ideas...and maybe then I'll get something good. Someday I will make it on a CT! lol...may not be now, but I may as well start trying now...Here's the sad attempt..

credits: Raspberry Road Designs, Ellie Lash, and Ben and Shari's blog (pictures, yes I find it easier to scrapbook kids...and since I don't have any of my own...)

Anyway, let me know what you think, and ideas, etc..I think the only part about this I like is the recipe card, that I crafted. and the pictures...but yeah...


I kinda like this one. I am usually a freebie junkie, but I saw this kit and knew I had pictures to match it..(I don't know if that's the way to do it..but still..) So I bought it. I like it better than the last one. Can't wait to do more! :)


Credits: Megan Turnidge

Sorry I keep adding to this. I actually kinda like this digital scrapbooking stuff. Now I just need to bust out my old pictures and attempt to make pages from then! Anywho...let me know what you think.

also...check this out...see if you recognize these ADORABLE kids!


crazy adventures we have

So, Sunday night we were just sitting around kinda bored. Greg pulls out this game he bought for one of his classes, and we decided to play it. It wasn't a board game, or trivia, like we usually play. It was a battle type game. We set up on our two tables with our laundry basket in between us. We each had 6 little guys and some blocks to protect them, as well as a catapult and 4 things to shoot at each other. The purpose of the game is to knock down each others guys. Haha, yeah, it sounds cheesy, and it kinda is, but we had fun....Here are some pictures! lol...(I'll bet SOMEONE is upset they left early and missed out on all our fun! :) lol, there's always next time! (We'll be sure to buy more pieces so you can play with us!) lol...

I was on the left, Greg on the right (with our basket in between)

Saturday we went shopping and the bookstore in the mall was having a closing sale, so Greg found these little guys and we got them 40% off...lol...they added quite a bit to our game..(Even though he did say he was going to give them to our nephew...didn't he Shaina? I think he decided to keep them...Sorry Jeshua! Maybe when we're done you can have them! :) lol..

I pulled out my nice camera for their portraits. Pretty good detail, right? Yes the first one is that ugly, and yes her boobs are that big! haha...they were so ugly!

So...I don't know if I mentioned this, but I totally kicked Greg's butt! We played best out of 5, and yes I won...(though greg wasted me yesterday when we played...) However. There was a dragon that we were playing for, and I indeed won it! But we decided not to use it since the little things we shot wouldn't knock it over...Sad, yes..But here is the winning team, and the prize we won!

So, I mentioned in my previous post that I have been working on something. Well, at that same bookstore I found this loom bead bracelet kit and decided to get it. I have always loved making bracelets and jewelry, and always love to learn new ways of making things. So, this is my latest venture! learning how to make beaded bracelets. i think I have done pretty well...lol, If I could do anything besides a photographer, I would want to be a fashion designer...but AFTER that I would love to design and make jewelry. So yeah...here's what I've been doing. It's actually really easy to do. I wanted to teach my YW girls how to do it, but I'm not sure how to do it without the loom, and since I only have one loom...I tried, and failed, so if anyone knows how to, let me know! But yeah...it's been fun, and gives me something to do. lol...

These are my two favorites (I've only done 3..but...) Yeah, I love the purple and blue one, and was so excited about it..but, I made it too short! :( so if anyone with smaller wrists than me want it...let me know! Haha, and if anyone wants me to make them one, I will. I have this problem where I love making jewelry, but I don't wear it....so yeah! lol...anyway...that's all...I am in the process of making one with the YW Value colors in hearts (ugh...trying to make a heart shape kicked my butt, so it may look really crappy. I will perfect it though!), so I'll post a pic of that one when I get it done...

And here is a pic of us when we were in Salt Lake. Nice, right? Yeah, we're pretty cute....

Well, that's all for now. Stay tuned for more of my random thoughts!


sorry all....

...don't have much to post about so you get to see more of my latest shoots...I absolutely LOVED her dress. It was gorgeous, and I love the sash(?) that she had. She just looked so happy and it was great...

...sorry, nothing really is going on! I do have something that I've been up to that I will share with you...hehe...I'm excited about it. You just have to promise not to make fun of me. So yeah...all you people out there need to do some updating, okay? Okay...


just one...

slowly but surely I am getting these done. Just really liked this one and thought I'd share with everyone...plus I'm bored, so I needed something to do! :) ENJOY!


more cute kids

Alright, so I know that Shari & Ben already posted some of these, but I get so excited when I get new pics of the kids, I just have to share. Besides, as I've been told on numerous occasions, not everyone has a ton of time on their hands to blog and post a million pictures like I do, so I may as well do it for everyone! (If anyone needs a personal blogger, I can be hired at a reasonable fee....or I may do it for free!:) Anywho....without further ado....

Some super cute kids that I wish I could see....

Lilli & Alex (? I am guessing on all these...The pics they sent didn't say who was who, but I think I've got them figured out...)
Alex....I think it's funny the way he's looking at Lilli....He must think she's crazy...
Alex & Aidan
Aidan & Alex
Lilli, ahh...I miss her...
She's a cutie!
Ya know, I think she looks a LITTLE like I did when I was little...No wonder she's so cute!! :) Aidan, and Alex
The hott mama herself (Yes, hott is with 2 T's!) Lilli is taking her picture. what a cutie...

Anyway...that's all you get. There were about 30 pics, but I thought that might be a little extreme. Enjoy...and if I got the kids wrong, let me know, it's kinda hard to tell when they aren't looking, but I think I got them right for the most part! Okay, love you guys!


my day....

hmmm...so my day...this is how it went...(and be prepared for not-complete sentences and poor grammar)

Woke up about 11:30 (still tired, and have a headache :) Sat around, watched One Tree Hill for a bit. Washed my hair, blew dry it(dunno how to word that one!:), Straightened it, pulled my bangs back, got dressed. Greg is home, kinda bum around for a bit, then get things ready to go (camera, batteries, WARM CLOTHES (Thanks Kandyce for the hat. It was my lifesaver!), snacks, greg's school work). (Greg came with me...YAY!) Left Logan around 1:45, drove 1.5 hours to Salt Lake. (Shoot scheduled for 3:30). Got text from clients saying they will be there at 4:00. Arrive at temple at 2:50ish (Yeah, an hour early! UGH!) Don't want to wait in car, so pay for parking (stinkin $5!) and walk...YES WALK! to the capitol building. Only about 2 blocks away, but UPHILL. Now, for someone who hasn't worked out for...let's say a LONG time...this walk KILLED ME! I was out of breath 1/4 the way up there. It was a nice walk though, and it killed about 40 minutes up and back. Get back to the conference center, sit down for a bit by the fountain (took a pic, but was on my point and shoot...so I haven't downloaded it yet). Get back to the car, still 15 minutes left. Text clients asking if they were still on schedule for 4. No reply. Gather my stuff, walk back to the temple. Walk around for a bit, use the visitor's center restroom, walk back outside. Glad to have gloves and hat! Getting cold. 4:10 no clients, getting worried about coldness and lighting, call clients, 4:30....Sit around take a few pics of the temple. Light was PERFECT...Time goes by, light slowly fading. I'm stressing out...need that light! Clients arrive 4:30 (stuff always comes up when you need to be somewhere...right brides? :)...start shooting. Light not so good, still stressed, but keep shooting. Walk around temple for a bit, shoot a few in the JSM. (Getting too dark!) Head up to the capitol...(NOT WALKING!) Get out of car...Can hardly walk. SO SORE from earlier walk. (told you it's been a while!) feel like i pulled a muscle in a bad way! Get inside...light's not the greatest, but it's GORGEOUS inside! Wish we could have gotten there earlier! Finish shoot, drive home, shop, eat dinner, edit a few pics for client's reception tomorrow...will bathe, then go to sleep!

WHAT A DAY! Tomorrow will be another busy one, but I'm excited. We'll be shooting a little earlier, so hopefully all goes well! Here's one from today. I tried a new edit on the second one...Be sure to check out my blog for a few more from today!

ENJOY! (I'm exhausted!)

**click to see bigger**


Here's Lilli with a present her Grandma & Grandpa Davis gave her

I thought this was a way cute picture of Ben & Lilli

Hmm...they seem really happy, eh? haha...
Alex, left, Aidan, right


yet another random post

So...I guess Happy New Year is in order. I'm a little late, I know, but what can I say. Not much excitement going on around here...Just the way I like it. Only downside is I don't have anything to blog about. But don't worry...I came up with something. :)

First up...my thoughts on Twilight the movie.. (if you don't want any spoils, skip this part!) I liked the movie. I didn't think it followed the book AT ALL though. Kinda frustrated me because everyone said if followed the book really well. That totally bugged me. It also made the Bella/Edward relationship seem 10X as weird. I did like all the characters though. I thought Bella was a bad actress, but it's okay, she fit the part! I still liked all the characters. I thought Jasper's character was good (even though a lot of people didn't..), and I thought Emmitt was hott, so that's good! :) I also thought that the kids that went to the school acted like RETARDS the ENTIRE movie. That bugged me. They just acted so strange, and I didn't picture that at all in the book. I hated that they ate at the diner a lot, and I HATED the part where Bella just totally skipped school to go into the forest where she and Edward had their talk. I also was upset that the end was different. I was looking forward to the airport escape. I thought the part at the end when Alice jumped on James and ripped his head off was totally cheesy. haha. Blah blah blah...As JUST A MOVIE, I liked it. I think it would've been better if I hadn't read the books. (I'm okay with the cheesy-type movies!) I really didn't mind it, and I will buy it, and I will watch it again! :) and I will continue to watch the rest of the movies!

Alright, next thing on my list of randomness...Ever since HS I have wanted to have my nails done. However, being in sports constantly I decided to never have them done. (plus I didn't want to pay for them) And it's a good thing I never did...Tatum texted me the other day because she needed someone to practice nails on (she's going to beauty school down here) I told her I would because A: it was free and B: I wanted to help out! Oh my heck, I will NEVER have my nails done again. Poor Tatum. I was probly the WORST person to practice on. For someone who HATE having her nails filed, yeah, it wasn't smart of me, since that's pretty much all it is! Tatum did a good job, but UGH! All that filing! There were a few times I thought I was going to throw up..(could be because I hadn't eaten yet!) It didn't necessarily hurt, its'just...uhhh! I don't know how to explain it. I hated it! lol...so I will never do it again! Not to mention the lady teaching them kept yelling at me...stupid lady! She would come over to show Tatum how to do something (on me) and she was brutal. SHE would hurt me, so I'd pull away and she would yell at me to stop pulling away! It hurt so bad, and she pissed me off! I should have yelled at her. I feel bad for any of her clients! I would NOT recommend anyone going to her salon. I don't know where it is, but trust me, if I did I would tell eVERYONE not to go there! lol...but yeah, so that was a fun experience. The nails have lasted 2 days, and I can't wait to go get some remover so I can take them off! Tatum really did a good job, but if you're like me and HATE having your nails filed...don't get them done! :)

Hmmmm...what else. Oh yeah...I have my NEW PHOTOG BLOG UP!! YAY!!! it's a little confusing, and I will maybe me changing a few things, but check it out and let me know what you think, any suggestions, etc. Feel free to comment here or there! I'd appreciate it! No pics for now. You just get to go to my other blog and check it out! Alright. Well that's all for now!

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