3 Places

Name three place you'd like to visit this year.

Places I'd LIKE to visit, or places that would actually be more likely that I'd visit. Places I'd LIKE to visit -- Hawaii (warm), England, back East (DC, Virginia, Maryland, etc). But since those aren't likely to happen, I would say -- the Hogle Zoo, sunny California (I wanna go to the beach), and Cold Stone (that way I'll at least make it to one of them!).


And since I've been keeping up with P365 (picture a day), here's the one from today. I finally got them on my computer, so hopefully I'll get some recent updates too. I'm following Fat Mum Slim's prompts which has been a good way to keep me going with this since my life is pretty boring.
Since I didn't have to work today, I decided to photograph what I do when I'm not at work, which is usually some type of scrapbooking. Here I'm making some templates. I busted a pack out in no time today. 

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