Oh, So Worried!

What worries you?

At the moment...that I will be stuck at my job FOREVER!
That Greg or I will get really sick, and not have any insurance.
No schools will ever hire another school counselor.
It's never going to snow.
We'll never ............................
I will get fired from my job and have to find a new one.
Our car or house will break down and will cost a fortune to fix.
I won't be able to sleep tonight.

And that's all I'm worried about. (Okay, not really..but I'm too tired to think of much else!)
Ps...just noticed I put I'm worried that I'll both be stuck at my job AND fired from it....no wonder I don't feel well..

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Violet Rose said...

I have a lot of the same worries, Bre! The kind that keep you from sleeping at night...yeah, no fun. But just know that it always works out in the end. Love ya!

Maira Gall