Oh, So Worried!

What worries you?

At the moment...that I will be stuck at my job FOREVER!
That Greg or I will get really sick, and not have any insurance.
No schools will ever hire another school counselor.
It's never going to snow.
We'll never ............................
I will get fired from my job and have to find a new one.
Our car or house will break down and will cost a fortune to fix.
I won't be able to sleep tonight.

And that's all I'm worried about. (Okay, not really..but I'm too tired to think of much else!)
Ps...just noticed I put I'm worried that I'll both be stuck at my job AND fired from it....no wonder I don't feel well..

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Violet Rose said...

I have a lot of the same worries, Bre! The kind that keep you from sleeping at night...yeah, no fun. But just know that it always works out in the end. Love ya!