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March 1. Can you believe it? February just flew by, and I haven't even blogged about January.

January was a good month. The weather has just been crazy. It has snowed maybe once since the snow storm after Christmas. I just can't get over it.But everything else has just kind off come and gone. Here are a few of the highlights.

It was time to get my hair done again, so I set up an appointment with my sweet, sweet friend Tami. In case I didn't mention it last time I posted about getting my hair done, she and I met last year at the Scleroderma run. She is just the sweetest.

She has twins who colored me these darling pictures. They are totally hanging on my fridge. 

I went a little blonde, short, and got bangs. I love it!

Baby Myka came and visited Greg and I and spent a little time. She is just the chunkiest, cutest little girl ever! I just love her!

Big brother Liam showing her some love. Lots and lots of love!

Liam is the cutest. He sang me "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" and it was the cutest thing ever! Love this little boy.

Sentimental moment here: I have kept my volleyball shoes from high school all these many years. They are so dirty, and worn out, I decided to get rid of them. It was honestly quite sad for me to get rid of them. So many practices and games played in these shoes, and lots of wonderful memories made. I miss you my shoes. **sniff sniff**

The front of the shoes where I drag my toes when I serve.

Also got rid of my college shoes as well. So many memories...so many.

One Saturday when Greg and I were out shopping we drove by this house that is next to the school where Greg works. For some reason I had never noticed it, but this time I did, and there was a For Sale sign up. I told Greg that I wanted that house.

Fast forward to Monday, and I ask my co-worker Steve about the house (it's in his ward). We looked it up on Zillow.com, and I fell so in love! I seriously would love that house. Now, Greg isn't exactly on board with it, so at this point, the house has a contract pending. Unfortunately it's not us! Sad, sad day! Maybe someday!

Early morning sunSET.

For reals though...

Seriously, crazy beautiful weather here.

Have I talked about my obsession with New Girl? I'm totally in love with Nick Miller. For reals! Also, work got Wiffy (Wi-Fi). So I spend my lunch half hour watching Netflix. (I'm on Friends now, and I'm ehhhh, less than impressed with the show.) I need more New Girl!

Check back tomorrow. I'm scheduling a new post about some of the other fun adventures had in the month of January!

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