A Mostly Pictures Post

Your favorite posts, right?

My gorgeous friend Tami did my hair again. I have a problem. I have to have my hair done at least every few months....Which, is probably normal, but man, it gets expensive. I love it though, and I'm glad I've got an awesome friend who will do it for me.

Saw this on my way into work. Always a good omen right?

We celebrated our 60th birthday at the credit union with a photo booth. We are so cool. (Me, Steve, Donna)

(Cole, Chandler & Me)

We went up to Star Valley one weekend in September. It was a bit chilly, but not too bad otherwise.

Sometimes I like to lock myself in one of the offices to avoid socializing with people...

Just kidding...I just socialize over the phone and not face to face.

Just a late-night snack that Greg picked up for me after his P/T conferences.

Only about 99% of the pictures I take of the two of us.

We went out looking for a bread-maker and came home with some jeans, shoes, and a blanket instead.

I've had this dress for a while, but it was too short, so I was waiting for an extender slip thing, whatever they're called. I kind of really love this dress. Just wish it were a bit longer.

And my super cute shoes. Stripes & dots are in, right?

Greg ordered this online. I didn't realize he bought it, so when I got home from work one day, it was sitting on my chair. I about peed my pants. It freaked me out!

One of my co-workers, Kim, decided to leave the CU. I don't know why I was so shocked, but it was sad to see her go. She's been with us for about 1.5 years, and she was super fun and sweet. Even though she'll still be in Logan, we all went out to dinner. Beehive Grill is becoming our place to go when people leave.


And so that sums up the past few months in pictures. Super exciting, I'll tell you what!

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