Not So Much...

...of stuff going on around here.

Monday, the 26th, was a holiday so I didn't have to work. Greg and I went and watched the new X-Men movie, which I really enjoyed. Then we did a little shopping where I got some new black canvas shoes, and some new "walking shoes." Yes. that's right folks. I'm officially an old lady, having to buy walking shoes instead of running shoes. (No offense to you youngies who buy walking shoes too.) I'm hoping I can eventually break them in so I can put them on without the help of Greg, but they don't have laces, so they should be easier for people to put them on me. Man I wish I had my flexibility back. Though I did learn the other day that I can kneel on the ground. I just have to sit on the couch and ease myself onto my knees. Then to get back up I have to like slide myself up the couch to a sitting position, then stand up from there. It was epic.

Tuesday, the 27th, I went back to work. Good times, folks, good  times. I am quite consumed with loans at the moment. It's quite crazy, but it's a great learning experience, and I get to work with some awesome people, (and some not-so nice ones), and people that don't typically come into our branch. Now if only I could convince people to purchase MBP, GAP, and Debt Protection.

Tuesday was also Greg and my 9 year anniversary. Time sure has flown by. I'm lucky to be married to such a great person. We actually made our anniversary dinner on Monday, steak, shrimp, and crab. Crab is my favorite. I could eat it all the time, for reals. For our Tuesdsay dinner we went to Five Guys, which was also delicious. I even ate my entire burger. Be proud of me. It's quite the accomplishment.

Unfortunately, that night/early morning was not so great. My stomach has been kind of acting up the past week or so, but it hasn't been too bad that I couldn't function. Tuesday night I just couldn't sleep. I got up about 3-4 times to go to the bathroom, and on my third trip I ended up throwing up. Normally it's not so bad, and I can fall asleep soon after, but not that night. I just didn't sleep well at all, so when my alarm went off, I really did not want to get out of bed. Greg told me I could just stay home, and when he says it, I do it! JK, I always feel so dang guilty, so I really had a struggle with it. The night before I had read this quote that really helped me make my decision.

So, I stayed home, slept until 11, watched 4 episodes of Psych, ate some crackers, drank some apple juice, then took a short nap until Greg got home. I was totally lazy, but sometimes I just need a day to rest.

I was able to go back to work the next day, and I felt fine. I got a loan closed, and worked on getting caught up from the day I missed. For some reason people keep thinking that they need loans. Oh well, I really do enjoy it.

I actually wrote this post a little while ago, and am just now getting to post it, so sorry if it so abruptly ends. I'll be back to post more!


Olivia said...

Hope you can get feeling better! I love the quote! It's perfect for you too :) Just rest a second. Also, I love the blog layout. I'm gonna have to get you to do one for me!

Ellen Thompson said...

Keep posting!! Love you!!

Maira Gall